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Some Q&As for people in the areas near selected exhibit sites. 

Q: What can we expect to see? 

A:  There are 2 artists working in each location and although we don’t quite know yet what the finished pieces will be, it will include a mix of sculptures, sound installation , visual art and illustration and participatory art workshops. Full schedule to be confirmed shortly. 

Q: When will it happen?

A: Limin-Alley N:E:W (north east west) is a 2 day pop up art exhibition being run as part of the Imagine Festival of Ideas and Politics on the weekend of March 26th & 27th 2022. Events will mainly take place between the hours of 12noon and 7pm on these days. 

Q: Who's behind this?

A: This website was created by artist and project coordinator Meadhbh McIlgorm in 2020 with the support of the Arts Council Northern Ireland's Artist Emergency Fund. The concept was then further developed in a partnership with the Imagine Festival of Ideas and Politics and 9ft in Common, a research team made up of Amberlea Neely of Starling Start and Aisling Rusk of Studio idir in 2021 when it was run as a special commission for the Imagine festival 2021 by the Arts Council Northern Ireland and the Department of Communities via the 'Stability and Renewal' fund for Organisations 2021. The 2022 project is funded by the Bank of Ireland and Business to Arts Begin Together Arts Fund awarded to lead artist Meadhbh McIlgorm to further develop the concept in collaboration with communities. 

Q: How were participants selected?

A: We ran an open call for artist proposals in December 2021. Submissions to this were shortlisted by project organisers and selected with input from residents based on their suitability for each location in January 2022. 


Q: How were the locations picked?

A: We’ve been collaborating with residents at each location through the process to make sure the majority of people are on board with what’s happening. We want this project to celebrate the great work many residents have already put into these spaces and to inspire people to see the potential they have as spaces for community, connection and rewilding. 

Q: Can I be involved? 

A: Yes! We’d love to hear any stories/memories/thoughts about alleyways you have. If you want to help with some cleaning or chat to visitors during the events please do - the more the merrier. Project partners, 9ft in Common are engaged in a big investigation into these spaces, you can reach them here. The Imagine Festival would also love to hear your thoughts and opinions on this and any other event in their exciting line up for 2021. You can also follow the project on Instagram @liminal.belfast and most importantly, share your own explorations and reactions to the exhibits using the hashtag #liminalley on social media. 

Q: Will I have to do anything?

Not if you don’t want to but we’d love it if local residents took the opportunity to get involved by taking some extra pride in their alley and tidying it up before for the dates listed. Depending which area you live near there are different things happening - please see the full schedule once released. It’s your space we are just guests and delighted to be welcomed. 

Q: Can I still put my bins out for collection? 

Of course. The event shouldn’t interfere with any access required for bins or to your back yards, since it is happening over a weekend this too should minimise access issues. We’d appreciate it if you only put it out for collection and returned it to your yard promptly but we know this isn’t always possible. It’s an alley - we know there will be bins. 

Q: Will it be disruptive? 

A: Hopefully not. When installing certain works we might need to put in some hooks or nails in the walls but if this affects your property we’ll ask you for permission first and they will be removed and repaired at the end of the exhibition. There might be a few more people around than usual however we’ll be advising visitors to respect these residential areas accordingly and to ensure compliance with all current Covid19 regulations. 


Q: Is there a security or safety risk?

A: All steps and measures will be taken to make sure this is a safe and enjoyable project for everyone. The biggest risk is probably to the artworks so the more local people that are involved and attending the less risk there is of anything being stolen or damaged.
Each area will have a local site manager appointed to see that gates are open and closed for the advertised times and so we can notify the team of any incidents. 


The alleyways of our city have great potential to be positive and useful spaces for our communities. This event is designed to further that conversation, celebrate those who have been enhancing them so far and also to inspire more people to reclaim them. If you have other questions/queries/comments or concerns please don't hesitate to get in touch using the contact form. 


You can also keep up with us on the following platforms; 

Instagram  @liminal.belfast @imaginefestival @9ftincommon

Twitter  @9ftincommon @imagineBelfast 

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