Some Q&As for people in the local area.


Q: What can we expect to see? 

A: Myself and 5 other artists will fill the entry with a range of artworks on the theme of liminality or ‘inbetween-ness’ using the walls, ground or brought in display props as required. I can’t say what exactly will be shown just yet, we’re still figuring it out but you can see our work and the things we’re interested in here. All are welcome to see the show (inc children) so nothing offensive will be shown.

Q: When will it happen?

A: Sunday October 25th 2020. As it’s outside, it’s very much weather dependent but you’ll get notice when we have a suitable date selected. This is a 1 day only event, put up in the morning, taken down again in the evening so will most likely happen on a weekend. 


Q: Can I be involved? 

A: Yes! We’d love to hear your stories about living here (if might even influence the work produced)... and any stories/memories/thoughts about alleyways you have. Maybe you have thoughts about art in Belfast (what does or doesn't happen), what you like (or don’t like) or wish there was more of.The day itself it would be a nice opportunity to get to know the people of the street so please come along, have a look a chat and enjoy yourself. You can also follow the project on instagram @liminal.belfast 


Q: Will I have to do anything?

Not if you don’t want to, just keep your wheelie bin in your yard on the day of the show (we’ll give you lots of notice) but as said above, we’d like you to be involved and it should be fun.  

Q: Will it be disruptive? 

A: Hopefully not. When installing the work we might need to put in some hooks of nails in the walls. This will be kept to a minimum and removed and repaired after - like going hiking the motto is to ‘leave no trace’. If you have concerns about this or would rather the walls at the back of your house are not touched please get in touch with me and we can have a chat. 

We have made an Eventbrite page so no more than 5 people can should arrive in any times slot, as well as keeping compliant with Covid19 restrictions this should also minimise any disruption or extra noise. 

Q: Is there a security or safety risk at the event?

A: All steps and measures will be taken to make sure this is a safe and enjoyable event for everyone. The biggest risk is probably to the artwork (displaying it outside) so the more local people that are involved and attending the less risk there is of anything being stolen or damaged. There will be people rostered to invigilate and manage visitors all day.

If you have other questions/queeries/comments or concerns please don't hesitate to get in touch using the contact form