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exhibitions in 'between' spaces in Belfast 


A development of the first project now in partnership with 9ft in Common and the Imagine Festival.


The Covid-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on our relationships with public space across the city. The oft-neglected network of entries and alleyways between Belfast’s terrace houses in particular are underutilised spaces which hold great potential for civic activism as has been seen in community initiatives such as Wildflower Alley or Open Ormeau. 

12 local artists and designers have been invited to select and respond to specific sites identified from an emergent Belfast Alley Map of the back-alleys across south (Ormeau) and east (Belmont) Belfast. The exhibtion will run 25th – 28th March.

Festival audiences will be encouraged to seek out these showcases individually via an online map, exploring and engaging with these underused spaces in our city while doing so. The real-world ‘trail’ of art and design exhibitions will be accompanied an online discussion led by project partners Amberlea Neely, Aisling Rusk and Meadhbh McIlgorm at an online talk on 25 March at 8pm, when they will share notes from their investigation into the unfulfilled potential of Belfast’s alleys as places for connection and rewilding in the city.

FQAs and further info for local residents here.

Imagine! Festival Event Listing 

Photos by Simon Mills. Further info comming soon. 



^ MAP ^

Below are the maps and location key produced in partnership with 9ft in Common using their 'Belfast Alley Map' which show adopted, gated and un-adopted alleyways across the entire city. ​

A PDF version can be downloaded to your mobile using the button to the left so you can explore the exhibtion individually across the weekend. 

Visitors the the show are are reminded of the following. 

- Ensure you comply with current government restrictions re. Covid 19 

- These are residential areas, please be respectful of local residents and their properties. 

- Visit at your own risk. Alleyways have bins and other obstacles be mindful of where you walk,. These spaces have been selected as they are open walkways and project organisers are not liable in the event of any injury. 


12 Belfast artists have each responded to the exhibition theme and selected locations with unique pieces of work. A link to their personal websites (where available) is provided in the image description.

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