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Jonathan Brennan

My work is about place: architectural and urban places as well as what is traditionally referred to as landscape, and how both interact. I am drawn to the less obvious, the neglected and the abandoned – alleyways, culverted rivers, wastelands, abandoned spaces and objects. My work is not overtly political, rather I seek to prompt the viewer into looking with new eyes at the quotidian and to consider the wider forces that seek to manipulate how we think and act.

I work with various forms of visual media such as printmaking, painting, photography and video. I employ digital and traditional techniques, sometimes in combination, and my work will often contain original texts and research. I tend to tackle the same subject using a variety of media – for example, my solo show ‘Alleys of the East’ comprised a series of monotype prints; a 17-minute documentary featuring interviews and original music; experimental photographs and a printed zine.

I enjoy collaborating with artists working in other media, in particular music and the written word.


Instagram: @aptalops

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