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exhibitions in 'between' spaces in Belfast 


“Liminal” means “relating to a transitional stage” or “occupying a position at both sides of a boundary." The Entries between Belfast’s terraces are ‘liminal’, transitional sites. Their ownership and function is often unclear yet they possess a distinctive urban local character. As we have been forced into spending more time at home these spaces have become more important as an extension of our outdoor space and provide an important connection to neighbours and socially distancing visitors.

Covid19 has managed to shatter our 'best laid plans' we so collectively we are also in a liminal mentality, the future being more uncertain then ever. 


This project provides an opportunity for artists to create and present work for pop-up exhibitions in selected Belfast entries. Showcasing high quality art in an alternative setting and in so doing, building relationships between with the local community. Although the event will be ephemeral, lasting just one day, the works and the inspiration behind it will be documented extensively and archived online here. 


Artists will present new work in a variety of materials responding to the location and/or the theme of liminality.

This is a pilot project led by artist and project manager Meadhbh McIlgorm, supported by the Arts Council Northern Ireland's 'Artist's Emergency Grant' 2020 with funds form the National Lottery. 



Our event was documented by the wonderful, Neal Campbell of Campbell Photography.

The slideshow below provides a walk through of the event from the entrances on Rochester St and Florida Street, walking down through the main entry towards the exit on London Road. Click to see and expanded view and full image details.  




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